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Are you interested in losing weight without dieting?

Do you feel you have tried everything, and you feel disappointed?

Do you want something different that will finally give you the lasting results you desire?

Welcome, you are at the right place!

I specialize in weight loss, weight management, and body confidence issues.

I can help you not only reach your ideal weight, but also help you maintain it through a natural, safe, process with lasting results.

I work with people who are ready to make a deep and lasting change in their lives.

My ultimate goal is to help you be independent.

Hi! I’m Kristine

I help adults reconnect with themselves and their bodies by having a healthy relationship with food and overcoming emotional issues that lead to overeating, i.e. stress, sleep, phobias, traumatic experiences and more.

I provide 1:1 and online therapy sessions, based on your specific, individual needs, in Greek and English language. Through hypnosis we uncover the root cause of any issue, eliminate deep dysfunctional subconscious self-beliefs and behaviours, and do inner-child work. With a personal recording that is listened to for 21 days, we install new, empowering beliefs that lead to successful, transformational, permanent results.

I am a certified Rapid Transformational Therapist® – RTT®, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Wellness Mentor. I specialize in Weight Loss, Weight Management & Body Confidence.

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So, are you interested?

Are you ready to take action towards changing your relationship with food, reconnect with yourself and your body?

Our relationship with food is very personal.

And just like any other relationship in our lives, is complicated!

We were all born having a natural, healthy relationship with food.
We ate when we were hungry and stopped when we were full.

In our “little minds”, food was always available.

There were no “good” or “bad” foods. Our relationship with food was simple.

But somewhere along the way, we have developed some negative habits and beliefs about food. Our body shape changed, our positive self-image and confidence have decreased.

The good news is that you can change that.

The only way to transform your body is by using your subconscious mind

What is important to understand, is that what drives us to overeat is feelings.

95% of our feelings, thoughts and behaviours are run by our subconscious mind.

Overeating ultimately, is under our mind’s control.

Diets cannot stop or fix the feeling of “I want it”, “I must have it”, “It makes me feel good”.

As you understand, weight loss is not a straightforward issue, which a simple “diet plan” can address, but the weight loss package “Forever Thin” can.

Diets only train us in how to gain more weight, feel like a failure and crush our body image and confidence.

According to science, diets have a 98% failure rate! Why? Because they focus on the wrong thing – changing the behaviour – eat less, work out more. Depriving yourself of food is the worst possible way to lose weight.

When it comes to losing weight and staying healthy, it is important to know that willpower alone is never enough. Trying to change on a conscious level, is a fundamental mistake we all do when we try to change our eating habits, or any other habit for that matter.

All our decisions about what we eat, when and how much we eat, take place in our mind. It is the way we think and behave around food that does not let us release the excess weight.

What we really need to be focusing on, is something entirely different.

Client Success Stories

“Kristine, I feel so much better after our session. The recording you sent is really helping all those changes after the session to sink in. Thanks to your knowledge and care I am finally getting my relationship work.

Thank you so much! Your ability to tune in, listen and guide through regression led me to an understanding of that subconscious pattern that blocked out my feminine part. And a great side effect of it is I am so calm and able to listen to my true self.

I am looking forward to booking more sessions with you soon.”

Elvira - Spain

“Kristine is a great therapist, she led me to understand why I felt I needed sugar to treat the symptoms of not feeling like I was enough. She helped me to understand that it was for me to make better decisions. Kristine also explained about the negative effects that sugar has on my body and the primitive need for sweet food is no longer appropriate in my life today.

I am now engaged in intermittent fasting and have taken up running, I feel so much fitter, healthier and happier.

I wholeheartedly recommend a session with Kristine, you will not regret it.”

Lisa - UK

“Kristine makes me feel good about myself, she encourages me to go in search of and clarify what it is I want in my life. She is persistent in finding outmoded beliefs that are blocking my way forward. It was interesting with Kristine because she completely turned around the way I thought and felt about an issue, she helped me find new ways of thinking and being and this enabled me to find a new way to progress.

Kristine is the most lovely, gentle, considerate person. She allows one time to see oneself, to reflect, to create new understandings and to move forward in one’s life. What I like about Kristine is that she does not judge or make assumptions about me, she was there to support me completely in creating the life I want and now have. Thank you, Kristine.”

Katherine - UK
Take your focus off of what you eat or not eat
Focus instead on Why you overeat

We associate food with strong emotions.

We associate eating with crisis situations, traumatic experiences, as well as life celebrations.

Eating makes us feel loved, cared for and happy. We eat when we feel tired, bored, upset, hurt, stressed, lonely.

We use food to comfort ourselves, reward ourselves.

Food may help ease emotions initially for a very short while, however, addressing the feelings behind overeating is important in the long term.

Stop eating your feelings!

We learned to compare ourselves with others, criticize ourselves as being too fat, too short, too big and just feel not good enough.
We try to push down our feelings with food and feel totally out of control around food.
We find it hard to resist food and we have developed unhealthy food cravings.

Inevitably, we give in to our cravings, gain back not only the weight we lost, but even more.
We feel guilt, shame and blame ourselves for being weak, for not having the strong will to stick to a restrictive diet.
It is just a never-ending cycle that always brings us back to square one.

As you now understand, overeating is a behavior you have acquired.
The good news is that you can easily change it!
No matter what you have tried before, it is time to do something radically different.

80% of your success in a diet plan comes down to just one thing – your mindset!
It is possible to be completely free from bad eating habits by changing your mindset, at a subconscious level.

That’s why I’ve created the 12-week “Forever Thin” package for you.
It combines Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) + Mindset Change Program + Personal Support

It is a complete package, specially tailored to your own individual needs,
that will help you get and stay thin forever, without dieting.

So, are you ready to reconnect with yourself and your body?

This is a self-discovery path to achieving positive, life changing results. Finally, you can have a natural, healthy relationship with food. Eliminate food cravings. Feel comfortable in your own skin. Have a positive self-image. Increase your body confidence. Reach and maintain your ideal weight. Improve your health and sex life. Feel full of energy and joy.

If you are ready to...

Say GOODBYE to dieting forever

Say NO to deprivation and cravings

FREE yourself from shame and quilt

STOP eating your feelings

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