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Authentic change must come from within, and that’s what Sequoia Wellness is all about.  Instead of scratching the surface, the way typical therapies do, my approach is to tap into your personal core values and beliefs, the things that give you a sense of joy and satisfaction, and the goals you want to reach.

This website is mostly about YOU, ok….. and a little bit about me.  This is the place to learn about who I am, what I do and choose the area of your life you want to change or improve.

Hi, I'm Kristine.

I help women and men break free of whatever is holding them back emotionally and physically, so they can unleash their true potential to the life they want.

Helping others, personal growth and wellness were always my passions. I constantly felt an urge to help other people, until I have decided to make it a profession. I admit it was one of the best decisions I have made through my whole life. I do what I love and love what I do!

My Mission is: To empower my clients find who they really are and what they can do through a holistic approach. I free them from their issues, educate them how to work with their mind, instead of against it, so they can have the unshakable belief that anything is possible.

I am a Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained and qualified with Marisa Peer in London, UK

How about you?

If you are struggling and suffering, you are not alone in this world! And you absolutely do not deserve this kind of life. You certainly deserve to be loved, to be healthy, happy. There is a way out of your misery, your fears, challenges, limitations and blockages. Life is not a dead end. Life is beautiful and you deserve to live without guilt, shame. You deserve to be visible, have a voice, express yourself freely without judgment.

I would be honored to be your therapist in your quest for an extraordinary life. Dream big, see yourself having no limitations and barriers, living in wellness and abundance.


Peace of Mind & Relaxation​

The safest, more natural and effective way to overcome Stress, Anxiety and Depression is through your mind! In just 3 sessions only, you can move away from your restrictive life, your pain, your struggles, your suffering. You have more power than you probably thought. Believe it. It is possible. Let me help you do it! .
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Peace of Mind & Relaxation

Professional Success & Performance

Change your mindset and eliminate subconscious beliefs you formed during your childhood, that no longer serve you. Install new empowering ones that will make you unstoppable. Learn how to control your brilliant mind and make it your best ally. This opens a world of possibilities, opportunities, and creativity. Success is available to you. Let me help you get it!
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Professional Success & Performance

Love & Relationships

I am sure you have heard the saying: “Love makes the world go round.” That is because love is an essential human need. If you did not get nurturing love during your childhood, or if you got too much love, there is a great possibility that you have formed unhealthy and restrictive beliefs about love and relationships during that time. Isn’t that a paradox? The good news is; You have the power to change it. “Love is in the air.” Let me help you catch it!  
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Love & Relationships

Frequently asked questions

The only one who knows best the answer to this question it is actually you. Choose the top 3 issues you would like to address. Which of these issues is causing you the most suffering? Now, you have your answer. If you are still unsure, we can clear that out during the call or meeting we will have before your 1st session.
The mind locks onto 1 issue at a time. You don’t want to confuse it and not get the desired results. However, in some cases the presenting issues are similar, so we work on them together. i.e. confidence and self- esteem or focus, exams and memory. Should you have more than 1 issue, it is totally up to you to choose which one is the most important to resolve first. You can work on a different issue if you wish to, after 3 weeks to your first session.

The mind learns by repetition. It is like a muscle you want to make stronger. The more you exercise the stronger it gets. According to neuroscience, neurons that fire together, wire together. Old wiring if not used it stops existing. A habit to take roots takes a minimum of 21 days. However, I recommend to my clients to listen to their audio for at least 30 days. The self-hypnosis audio is only 15-20 minutes max. so, I am sure you can spare this time for your personal well being.

Don’t forget that you were operating for so long on the same habits, so to delete them might need more time. Most of my committed clients had religiously listened to their audio daily and sometimes even more times. Even after therapy, you can listen to it every now and then if you choose, just to keep the new neuropaths active…….

Of course! Actually, most of my therapy sessions are online, as I work with both locals and people who live all over the world.  Some clients have mobility issues or want to be more discreet, so they prefer to have an online session.  Let me stress out though, that there is absolutely no difference in result success between an online session and a face to face session.
Online sessions are done via Zoom or other similar platforms. All you really need is a quiet, safe space free from disruptions, a computer/laptop/tablet, good wi-fi connection and a pair of ear or head phones. Don’t worry, I provide you with all the details upon booking confirmation.
To get the ultimate results you want, it is important that you are willing to take responsibility and commit to your own transformation. Other things that are equally important are your full participation in the process, follow my guidance and advice, listen daily to your personal self-hypnosis audio, respond to my follow up calls, and contact me for any queries or concerns you may have.
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind based on science. It’s not a feeling and certainly it is not magic! “Stage or entertaining hypnosis” is totally different to the therapeutic hypnosis we use in RTT sessions. Hypnosis helps us to access our subconscious mind where all our memories and emotions are stored making it a lot easier and faster to make any positive changes to habits and behaviors than trying to make those changes consciously. Simply put, it is when you focus on something and lose track of time. Everyone experiences hypnosis differently, some go in a deep trance easily, some of them go in a light trance. The depth of trance has nothing to do with how effective the treatment is.
As you cannot be hypnotized against your will, you have control through the whole session. You are not asleep and certainly you cannot get “stuck” in hypnosis. You are perfectly aware of what is happening around you. Should you feel the need to get out of hypnosis at any given time, you just open your eyes. Simple as that!
That is only a belief! Once you let go you will have great breakthroughs. Think about this…What if it does work for me? Just consider that there are thousands of people across the world who have already tried the Rapid Transformational Therapy with excellent results. What makes you so special so it will not work for you? Be open, trust the process, allow me to guide you and there is no way it will not work.

It is quite normal for people to respond differently to an RTT™ session. The mind learns by repetition. Some of us need more repetition than others. We all change at a different pace.

 You may experience a change in 3 different ways; Immediate, cumulative or retrospective/lag time.

Some clients do experience an immediate shift during the session. They have that “light bulb” moment that makes everything so clear.

Others change cumulatively. That is, transformation is happening bit by bit, day by day and they notice change steadily, gradually.

Some other clients experience retroactive change. They think that nothing is changing, it doesn’t work and then one day they look back and they notice that they do things so differently. Sometimes people from their surrounding environment notice their change and they have to comment to it to realize that they have indeed changed.

I understand that everyone wants to get the instant, huge a-ha moment, however, that is not always possible, as we are all so unique. However, no matter which way you experience your personal transformation, change is happening at a deep level.

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It's too high!
And they came and he pushed and they flew.

Christopher Logue


Just a glimpse of inspirational success stories received from some of my clients…

My session with Kristine has transformed my life. Before the session, I had this feeling of dread and anxiety about my future - I just did not believe in myself. Now, two months later, I have established my business, reconnected with some old friends and we are collaborating on a number of exciting projects. I knew what I wanted, for months I just could not get there. Kristine helped me unlock my potential and I am just so grateful!


South Africa

Kristine is a great therapist, she led me to understand why I felt I needed sugar to treat the symptoms of not feeling like I was enough. She helped me to understand that it was for me to make better decisions. Kristine also explained about the negative effects that sugar has on my body and the primitive need for sweet food is no longer appropriate in my life today.

I am now engaged in intermittent fasting and have taken up running, I feel so much fitter, healthier, and happier.

I wholeheartedly recommend a session with Kristine, you will not regret it.



Kristine makes me feel good about myself, she encourages me to go in search of and clarify what it is I want in my life. She is persistent in finding outmoded beliefs that are blocking my way forward. It was interesting with Kristine because she completely turned around the way I thought and felt about an issue, she helped me find new ways of thinking and being and this enabled me to find a new way to progress.

Kristine is the most lovely, gentle, considerate person. She allows one time to see oneself, to reflect, to create new understandings, and to move forward in one’s life. What I like about Kristine is that she does not judge or make assumptions about me, she was there to support me completely in creating the life I want and now have. Thank you, Kristine.



I consulted Kristine for my life issues. Relationships Anxiety had hunted me for so long. I have been struggling with a Lack of CONFIDENCE.
At the beginning of the session, I was skeptical because of so many Therapy I underwent which was disappointingly unsuccessful. But just as the process goes on, I felt at ease, I felt something I never felt before. Kristine immediately connects with me, she moves me from one issue to another with passion and love. She makes sure that all false beliefs, any misconceptions, and any wrong ideas and thoughts have been completely changed.

I felt a huge shift inside of me. I found myself in a calm, relaxed state. Her voice allows me to feel safe and I found myself speaking with CONFIDENCE. I needed to let go. Kristine gave me a voice to speak my heart out, which was also one of my blocks I carried for so long.

My emotional blockage has been completely shifted and I’m no longer afraid of the unknown. I can speak freely and comfortably. My relationship with my partner has dramatically improved in the blink of an eye.

In my one session with Kristine, my life has been transformed. She has such powerful energy to transform you. I'm grateful for the session I had with Kristine and I totally recommend her as she is a gifted Therapist. She did a wonderful job. Thank you, Kristine.



My experience with Kristine was deeply transforming and ended as a beautiful friendship...

When we met, I was struggling to surpass my sight issue. I was feeling insecure like an old blind woman.

It was an incredible and relaxing experience she offered me and her trustful voice made me surrender effortlessly. I let myself be gently guided to the subconscious mind. It was awesome because finally, I was able to turn my eyes inwards as she pointed to the root cause of my problem. As I understood the bad belief, I was empowered to easily surpass it.

Now, I happily wear glasses without the fear of rejection and I can see everything from a transforming perspective, feeling good enough to have my own clear vision.

If you really want to make a difference in your life, I strongly recommend Kristine as she is able to bring the best out of you exactly as best friends do.

Diana (MD)

Bucharest- Romania

Kristine, I feel so much better after our session. The recording you sent is really helping all those changes after the session to sink in. Thanks to your knowledge and care I am finally getting my relationship work.

Thank you so much! Your ability to tune in, listen and guide through regression led me to an understanding of that subconscious pattern that blocked out my feminine part. And a great side effect of it is I am so calm and able to listen to my true self.

I am looking forward to booking more sessions with you soon.




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About me

When I meet my clients in person or online, they usually say to me what bothers them first, so I listen. But since we cannot have this conversation here, I will go first, and when we meet, you can tell me all about you!

Welcome to adulthood!

I literally became an adult at the age of 47! Yes, you read that right. It is not a typing error! You see, I was always shy, felt uncomfortable in the company of others, my confidence and self-esteem were low, I always needed to have someone by my side in order to give me a “push” to do something, to support me, was looking for approval for whatever decision I made.

At the same time, I had an innate knowing though, that I was strong, I had the power to accomplish anything on my own, and that whatever challenge I faced at the end everything would be all right. But this part of me was not visible to others.

What I was subconsciously projecting to others was a “false” image of me. An image of a small child who needed support. I remember all my life people were treating me like a small child, even changing my name to “Kristinaki” (which is an abbreviation for “small Kristine”). I was hearing compliments like “Oh you are so small, you are light as a feather, you eat like a bird, you are so cute, I can’t believe you are going to high school – you look so small”.

I remember one winter, rainy day, the wind was so strong. My brother and I were walking to school. He was holding a big black umbrella in his left hand and was trying to keep it steady, so we won’t get wet. With the right hand, he was holding my 6-year-old hand so tight that it hurt, only to protect me so I won’t be blown away by the strong wind! Yes, I was always petite but I had a soft, innocent, childish feeling that made me feel vulnerable even when I was an adult.


When I had my a-ha moment, where I uncovered this core belief that was running subconsciously my whole life, my immediate thought was “Oh sh*t!, I have wasted my whole life!” (excuse my French!) But then, everything made sense, everything was so clear….. I had a flashback of my whole life, from the people I met, the jobs I had, my family.

Another realization: I have raised 2 children, as a 3-year-old parent!!

So, to cut the story short, all the decisions I have made were influenced by this core belief. I have declined a job promotion, I have let people take advantage of my kindness, treat me like I didn’t deserve it. I felt an immediate shift in the perception I had about myself and after exactly 21 days of listening to my personal audio, that soft, innocent, childish feeling was gone for good! It was so strange but also so liberating! It got replaced with new, empowering beliefs.

Happy ending!

Now I feel secure in myself, confident and strong. I have a job I love, I found my purpose in life. I share my passion, my knowledge, my love, my humor, and my compassion with all my clients and that is so fulfilling!

I am a simple, real, authentic, vulnerable human being just like you. I have my ups and downs in life, but I learned how to cope with my challenges. I am not perfect and I am not striving to be one ever! I have a positive mindset and I listen to my intuition that guides me through life and my work. I feel so grateful for the gifts, talent, and skills I own and I share with you. That gives me great pleasure, fulfillment and real joy! I love life!

Empowering dust!

I share my story with you, hoping to inspire you by letting you know, that when we are children we pick up some beliefs, some inner programming that runs subconsciously our adult life. These beliefs may felt as true when we were 2, 3 or 5 years old based on how we have perceived the world and events around us. However, these beliefs are controlling, ruining, blocking and limiting our adult lives. They influence every decision we make in our personal or professional lives, especially when we feel the need to change.

It’s time to re-program and update your mind just like a  smart phone that needs updating, so you can claim your inner power and unleash your true self to the world for its benefit and yours at the same time.

I am curious to know what are your self-limiting beliefs, aren’t you?

Even if you are not in any challenging situation right now and you simply want to succeed professionally, improve your relationship with yourself or others, I am here for you.

So, enough about me. I would love to hear your story and help you make a new beginning.

Talk to you soon,


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