About Sequoia Wellness

Sequoia Wellness, is where I practice my true passion. I want to convey a special message to you that is why I have chosen the Sequoia Tree.

Sequoias are one of the oldest tree species on earth who grow together in community. Sequoia symbolizes vision, perspective, health, protection, growth, durability, longevity, eternity, strength, determination and the seeds of creativity.

It’s an emblem for long life, for attaining your lofty dreams, stretching your limits and reaching to the best you can be…to reach for the stars.

It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you take action to continue growing as a human being.

Furthermore, I have chosen the word “Wellness” because I see wellness as a way of life…

By changing our mindset, controlling our thoughts, altering the way we perceive events in our life combined with freeing ourselves from emotional pains leads to wellness.

The logo was designed by Alexander Tofarides.
The marque for Sequoia Wellness was always meant to be something soft looking and comforting. Although the marque is very solid, we created something organic that resembled the Sequoia trees found in California. Combined with the “waters” of the sequoia tree, the marque was heavily inspired by traditional Chinese symbols, and their representation of longevity, integrity and purity.

The cover photo by the multi-awarded photographer Ricos Gregoriou is titled “The Rose Petal” and has received the following awards:

  • Creative Shot International Salon – 2019 India – CS Gold Medal
  • 1st Lhotse International Salon – 2019 Nepal – Silver Medal
  • 4th Indian Digital Tour International Circuit 2019 – India – Silver Metal + Bronze Medal
  • Iris Circuit 2020 – India – Bronze Medal
  • Contrast 2020 Bosnia Herzegovina – PSA Honorable Mention

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, this photo conveys with such an inspiring way the message I want to give you.

In my perspective, the girl represents each one of you. You feel light and free. Floating gracefully above the ground, with such ease and charisma. Recognizing your potential, accepting that anything is possible. You radiate confidence and feel secure in yourself. You own the unshakable belief that you simply CAN and BE the real, authentic YOU!

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About me

When I meet my clients in person or online, they usually say to me what bothers them first, so I listen. But since we cannot have this conversation here, I will go first, and when we meet, you can tell me all about you!

Welcome to adulthood!

I literally became an adult at the age of 47! Yes, you read that right. It is not a typing error! You see, I was always shy, felt uncomfortable in the company of others, my confidence and self-esteem were low, I always needed to have someone by my side in order to give me a “push” to do something, to support me, was looking for approval for whatever decision I made.

At the same time, I had an innate knowing though, that I was strong, I had the power to accomplish anything on my own, and that whatever challenge I faced at the end everything would be all right. But this part of me was not visible to others.

What I was subconsciously projecting to others was a “false” image of me. An image of a small child who needed support. I remember all my life people were treating me like a small child, even changing my name to “Kristinaki” (which is an abbreviation for “small Kristine”). I was hearing compliments like “Oh you are so small, you are light as a feather, you eat like a bird, you are so cute, I can’t believe you are going to high school – you look so small”.

I remember one winter, rainy day, the wind was so strong. My brother and I were walking to school. He was holding a big black umbrella in his left hand and was trying to keep it steady, so we won’t get wet. With the right hand, he was holding my 6-year-old hand so tight that it hurt, only to protect me so I won’t be blown away by the strong wind! Yes, I was always petite but I had a soft, innocent, childish feeling that made me feel vulnerable even when I was an adult.


When I had my a-ha moment, where I uncovered this core belief that was running subconsciously my whole life, my immediate thought was “Oh sh*t!, I have wasted my whole life!” (excuse my French!) But then, everything made sense, everything was so clear….. I had a flashback of my whole life, from the people I met, the jobs I had, my family.

Another realization: I have raised 2 children, as a 3-year-old parent!!

So, to cut the story short, all the decisions I have made were influenced by this core belief. I have declined a job promotion, I have let people take advantage of my kindness, treat me like I didn’t deserve it. I felt an immediate shift in the perception I had about myself and after exactly 21 days of listening to my personal audio, that soft, innocent, childish feeling was gone for good! It was so strange but also so liberating! It got replaced with new, empowering beliefs.

Happy ending!

Now I feel secure in myself, confident and strong. I have a job I love, I found my purpose in life. I share my passion, my knowledge, my love, my humor, and my compassion with all my clients and that is so fulfilling!

I am a simple, real, authentic, vulnerable human being just like you. I have my ups and downs in life, but I learned how to cope with my challenges. I am not perfect and I am not striving to be one ever! I have a positive mindset and I listen to my intuition that guides me through life and my work. I feel so grateful for the gifts, talent, and skills I own and I share with you. That gives me great pleasure, fulfillment and real joy! I love life!

Empowering dust!

I share my story with you, hoping to inspire you by letting you know, that when we are children we pick up some beliefs, some inner programming that runs subconsciously our adult life. These beliefs may felt as true when we were 2, 3 or 5 years old based on how we have perceived the world and events around us. However, these beliefs are controlling, ruining, blocking and limiting our adult lives. They influence every decision we make in our personal or professional lives, especially when we feel the need to change.

It’s time to re-program and update your mind just like a  smart phone that needs updating, so you can claim your inner power and unleash your true self to the world for its benefit and yours at the same time.

I am curious to know what are your self-limiting beliefs, aren’t you?

Even if you are not in any challenging situation right now and you simply want to succeed professionally, improve your relationship with yourself or others, I am here for you.

So, enough about me. I would love to hear your story and help you make a new beginning.

Talk to you soon,